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Digimon Tamers

Forget everything you know about Digimon…this time it's for real!
Digimon Tamers is said to be the third season of Digimon: Digital Monsters. The settings of the third season revolve around three kids who play Digimon Battle Cards and had nothing to do with season 1 or 2. The story takes place in another dimention, one that is apart from the two seasons before. Instead of taking place in Odaiba, the setting for Tamers is another area of Tokyo, West Shinjuku. As with the first two seasons, expect the buildings and locations to be based on real life places. Also, rumors said that none of the digidestined from season one or two will be making an appearance.
DigiDestined will have new Digivice and accesories. Instead of using the old Digivice, or the D-3, our new friends are going to be using a D-Arc. These Digivices have slots in the top to insert cards, which help the Digimon to powerup. This card/Digivice system is called Card Slash.

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