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Evil villian in season 3

Yamaki is out to get rid of all Digimon. He beleives they will destroy the Earth, so he creates this orginization called Hypnos. He also creates a system called the Juggernaut to destroy all the "wild ones.' Wild ones are wild Digimon that sneak into the real world. 
Yamaki is very secretive and stubborn. He'll do anything to get rid of all the Digimon. He has no respect for Digimon what so ever. His intentions are good, but his doing so is very cruel. 

The Devas
The Devas are a new line of evil villans Yamaki has released with his experiments by accedient. All creatures of Devas are apart of the Chinese Zodiac.

mihiramon.gif (15260 bytes)Mihiramon
Type: Tiger Digimon
Attack: Samuri Tiger Tail
2nd Attack: Armor Tiger Tail
Level: Ultimate
Who he fought: Kyubimon, Gargomon, Growlmon, WarGrowlmon
Defeated by: WarGrowlmon
Debut: Ep. 15 "Grow Mon Grow"
Description: Mihiramon was a very fast Digimon that circled around, like a shark, when he attacked. Renamon said he was so stronge he was a Ultimate, maybe even a Mega type Digimon. He turned his tail into pure steel, and use his attack, Samuri Tiger Tail. When Growlmon Matrix Digivolved, he knew he needed to be stroner so he used Armor Tiger Tail. WarGrowlmon used Atomic Blaster which was too powerful for this kitty and defeated him.

santiramon.gif (17962 bytes)Sandiramon
Type: Snake Digimon
Attack: Venom Axe
2nd Attack: n/a
Level: Ultimate
Who he fought: Kyubimon, Gargomon, Growlmon
Defeated by: Kyubimon, Gargomon, Growlmon
Debut: Ep. 16 "The Saga of the Devas" (Part 1)
Description: Sandiramon appeared in a subway. It metled on of the trains. It's attack was Venom Axe! With the help from Takato, Growlmon defeated him with Kazu's card.

shinduramon.gif (12334 bytes)Sinduramon
Type: Rooster Digimon
Attack: Positron Pull
2nd Attack: n/a
Level: Ultimate
Who he fought: Gargomon and Growlmon
Defeated by: Gargomon and Growlmon
Debut: Ep. 17 "The Saga of the Devas" (Part 2)
Description: This rooster ate up electricity to gain strengh and became larger. It had controll of all birds in the area at that time. Gargomon and Growlmon came up with a plan to defeat him by knocking him in the water, and it worked!

pajiramon.gif (16460 bytes)Pajiramon
Type: Sheep Digimon
Attack: Thunder Stomp
2nd Attack: n/a
Level: Ultimate
Who he fought: Terriermon/Gargomon/Rapidmon
Defeated by: Rapidmon
Debut: Ep. 18 "The Saga of the Devas" (Part 3)
Description: This grumpy goat was not easy to beat! Rapidmon had to use his strongest attack, Tri-Beam to defeat him!

vajiramon.gif (15888 bytes)Vajramon
Type: Ox Digimon
Attack: Deva Blade
2nd Attack: Mega Blade
3rd Attack: Tera Blade
Level: Ultimate
Who he fought: Rapidmon/Renamon/Kyubimon/Growlmon/Taomon
Defeated by: Taomon
Debut: Ep. 18 "The Saga of the Devas" (Part 3)
Description: Rapidmon almost killed him. But he came back! Renamon had some queastions to ask him... He wanted her to join the Deva's to take over the world. Renamon's friendship with Rika stoped her from doing so. Taomon, Renamon's Ultimate, Took care of him!

indaramon.gif (14899 bytes)Inderamon
Type: Horse Digimon
Attack: Horn of Teselation
2nd Attack: n/a
Level: Ultimate
Who he fought: Impmon, Renamon, Guilmon, Growlmon, Kyubimon, Terriermon, Gargomon, WarGrowlmon
Defeated by: WarGrowlmon
Debut: Ep. 19 "Impmon's Last Stand"
Description: This was a very tough Digimon to beat. Takato had to use a blue card made by Kenta. Kenta and Takato's friendship helped Growlmon Digivolve, and WarGrowlmon defeated Inderamon.

kunbiramon.gif (13506 bytes)Kumbhiramon
Type: Rat Digimon
Attack: Deva Clone
2nd Attack: n/a
Level: Ultimate
Who he fought: Leomon, Gargomon
Defeated by: Gargomon
Debut: Ep. 21 "Jeri's Queast"
Description: This annoying little rat wasn't as powerful as the others, but he did pack a punch! Leomon defended Jeri by destroying him with the help of Gargomon.

vikararamon.gif (38546 bytes)Vikaralamon
Type: Boar Digimon
Attack: Boar Fog
2nd Attack: none.
Level: Ultimate
Who he fought: WarGrowlmon, Rapidmon, Taomon, Growlmon, Gargomon, Kyubimon
Defeated by: WarGrowlmon with the help of Takato's strengh!
Debut: Ep. 22 "The Boar Wars"
Description: He was HUGE! This monster destroied the city on his rampage. He was also pretty tough. He had a deta stream tailing behind him.

makuramon.gif (15134 bytes)Makuramon
Type: Monkey Digimon
Attack: Treasure Ball
2nd Attack: Primal Orb
Level: Ultimate
Who he fought: Antylamon, Beelzemon
Defeated by: Beelzemon
Debut: ? Ep. 19 "Impmon's Last Stand" ?
Description: Makuramon captured Calumon because 'he doesn't belong here.' The Tamers must go on a journey to the Digital World to find poor Calumon! Beelzemon kills him for data to gain the upper hand in defeating Megidramon!

majramon.gif (42084 bytes)Majiramon
Type: Dragon Digimon
Attack: Flaming Arrow Heads
2nd Attack: n/a
Level: Ultimate
Who he fought: Cyberdramon, Gargomon, and Growlmon
Defeated by: Cyberdramon
Debut: Ep. 23 "A World Apart"
Description: This Digimon was just mainly Makuramon's airplane.

chatsuramon.gif (17289 bytes)Catsuramon
Type: Dog Digimon
Attack: Howl of the Heavens
2nd Attack: n/a
Level: Ultimate
Who he fought: Taomon, Gallantmon
Defeated by: Gallantmon
Debut: Ep. 27 "Motorcycle Madness"
Description: He confronted Impmon about his Digivolving problem and made the deal so Impmon could Digivolve for the soverign! Gallantmon defeats him during his battle with Beelzemon!

Type: Hare Digimon
Attack: Bunny Blades 
2nd Attack: n/a
Level: Ultimate
Who she fought: Makuramon 
Defeated by: NO ONE
Debut: Ep. 33 "Rabit Transmit"
Description: She's very fast and swift! Dedigivolves to become Lopmon, Suzie's partner.

impmon.gif (12522 bytes)Impmon
Impmon is the newest problem for the Digidestined. He's always causing trouble. He is only in Rookie form though. Impmon is a Virus type and his attack is "Botta Boom!" 
Impmon Digivolves into Beelzemon, after entering back into the Digi World. Ebonwumon gives him the power to do so after agreeing to destroy the DigiDestineds... He destroy Leomon which gets Takato very mad.


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