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Characters (season 4)

Takuya Kanbara
A cheerful and energetic 5th grader. He is very atheletic, a member of the soccer club in fact. He tends to act before he thinks, causing conflicts with his friends. Despite this, he has a strong sense of justic. Takuya is the new goggle boy. 

Takuya digimon: Agnimon 
Attack: Burning Salamander, Salamander Break 
Level: Hybrid 
Evolves From: Takuya + Human Spirit Of Fire 

Takuya uses the "Spirit" power to evolve into this legendary fighter whose body is covered in flames. He has Takuya's quick reflexes and pre-eminent offensive strength! He is able to manipulate fire at will to attack his enemies!


Kouji Minamoto 
Kouji is the loner of the group. He is in 5th grade. Due to circumstances involving his father he has to change schools a lot. Now he has trouble making friends. When his few friends are in danger he will rush to help them, regardless of the circumstances. 

Kouji digimon:Wolfmon 
Attack: Licht Sieger, Strahl 
Level: Hybrid 
Evolves From: Kouji + Human Spirit Of Light 

A wolf Digimon. With his keen movement, he seems as if he'll release his power during close comabat! 


Izumi Orimoto 
Izumi has just returned from living in Italy for two years. She is the lone girl in the group. This does not keep her from speaking her mind. Despite the fact that appears a very strong person, she is really looking for true friends. 

Izumi digimon:Fairymon 
Attack: ? ? ? ? 
Level: Hybrid 
Evolves From: Izumi + Human Spirit Of ? ? ? ? 

Her cute appearance is just like that of a fairy. She can fly around using the large wings on her back!


Junpei Shibayama 
Junpei is the only 6th grader in the group. He is cool headed and watchful. Junpei enjoys fortune telling with cards He's not good at studying, but is very knowledgeable in certain areas. 

Junpei digimon: Blitzmon 
Attack: Thor Hammer, Lightning Blitz 
Level: Hybrid 
Evolves From: Junpei + Human Spirit Of Thunder 

A giant Digimon shaped like a beetle. His hard shell can repel any attack! 


Tomoki Himi 
Tomoki is the youngest member of the group. He is only in the 3rd grade. His older brother never played with him so he spent most of his time on the computer. He is a bit cowardly, and relies heavily upon the others. He is open to expressing his feelings.

Tomoki digimon:Chakmon 
Attack: Snow Dum Dum, Snow Hesher 
Level: Hybrid 
Evolves From: Tomoki + Human Spirit Of Ice 

This cute Digimon looks like a stuffed toy, but he's a well armed protector!

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