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With a strong sense of duty, Sora is the group's mature voice of reason. Perceived as a tomboy, she would love to cut loose and have a rip-roaring adventure, but instead she takes on the responsibility of keeping the others safe. She's compelled to do so because she's not convinced Tai can handle the situation.


A pessimist and hypochondriac, Joe thrives on worrying. Convinced that if anything can go wrong it will, his worry leads to constant indecision that results in panic. Although the other kids tease him about his incessant worrying, many times he is right


The ultimate computer whiz. Precocious and imaginative, he has a theory about everything. With his love of high-end technology and computers, the DigiWorld would seem to be the perfect place for him, but Izzy is too preoccupied with his own thoughts and tends to not see the danger around him.


Kari is a pocket mystic. Wise beyond her years, Kari is also full of compassion and patience. She's still a kid, though, and sometimes her empathy outstrips her judgement. However, you can be sure that everything Kari does is done for the right reasons.


Sweet natured, generous, and the youngest member of the group, T.K. tries to be brave because he doesn't want the others to know he's afraid, and he wants to impress his big brother, Matt. An obedient youngster, he strives to always do the right thing


A born rebel, Matt doesn't always appreciate other opinions and prefers to do things his own way. Seen by others as "too cool," he tries to hide the introspective, sensitive side of his personality, but it sometimes comes through when he deals with his little brother, T.K.


Daddy's little princess" is completely out of place in the wilds of the DigiWorld. Eccentric and borderline airhead, Mimi can come across as self-centered, but she is not selfish. She has a sweet, caring personality, but she can become so caught up in herself that she doesn't see what's really going on.


Tai :Adventurous, athletic and a born leader, Tai is usually the first to spring into action. His aggressive personality often throws him into the path of danger. He begins to realize, however, that to be a true leader he must inspire the others' confidence, and that can mean using empathy and compassion rather than reckless courage  Tai's Digimon partner:Koromon/Agumon/Greymon/Metal Greymon

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